Connecting Climate Actions In Asia

Keep An Open Mind: The effect of climate change around the world is evident. The call to mitigate emissions and reduce excessive consumption is pressing. New ideas, innovations and resources dedicated to mitigate global warming are bubbling around us.

Stay Connected: ClimateConnection(Asia) is a ground-up effort aiming to facilitate sharing, learning and collaboration between the grassroots and the "climate-bubbles". We aim to go beyond the surface - to engage and connect interest-groups committed in tangible climate actions.

Bubbles of Climate-Actions ...

wind turbine

Renewable Energy, Asia


EVs by 2040, Singapore

soldioer flies

Soldier-Flies, Vietnam & Asia

tree planting ladies

Planting Trees May Not Help ?


Mushroom That Eats Plastic ?

"Climate change carries no passport and knows no national borders. Countries must work toward the common interest, beyond narrow national interests” 

- United Nations, COP21

The temperature is rising..

And the main culprits (greenhouse gas emission) by sectors

Waste (Landfill, Waste water)
Industrial Direct Process
Agriculture, Forestry & Land-use
Energy (Electricty,Heat & Transport)

Reference: OurWorldInData-org.  Research and data to make progress against the world’’s largest problems. Source: Climate Watch, The World Resources Institute (2020)

The change in climate is causing havoc to the environment around us

forest fire 2
Flood Asia
extreme weather 1
Picture 1

Are you interested to do your part for the environment ?

Stay connected - Be informed

We are constantly on the look up for innovative ideas, technology adoption and best practices. We welcome contribution and suggestions from content experts, academics, researchers and stakeholders. On our part we will continue to improve learnings and facilitate sharing with the community.

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Collaboration & Partnership

We aim to facilitate collaboration between like-minded interest groups and individuals, engaged in tangible and promising undertakings to mitigate effect of climate change.

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Get involved- but look first !

There's no better time to start doing something -  live sustainably, volunteer, donate. But go beyond the surface and do your due diligence. Be selective and Invest time, energy and resources in creditable and focused undertakings, directly impacting the environment and climate positively and tangibly.

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