Connecting People, Ideas and Resources for a Sustainable Environment

We are gathering community of domain experts, sustainability professionals, academic and researchers willing to volunteer their time and effort to facilitate ground-up sharing, learning, collaboration, and working towards climate actions including emission-reduction, climate-improvement and sustainable-living in Asia and beyond.


Starting with a small team..

At this point we are banding together small selected group of  domain-experts in climate work, willing to volunteer their time to brain-storm and help shape potential pathway towards carbon-neutral goal.

We hope to bridge knowledge and engagement gaps between the policy-makers, solution-providers, and the grassroots in Singapore and Asia regions.

Besides featuring trends and break-through, we hope to facilitate discussions and collaborations between communities, NGOs and organizations.

Currently we are launching a simple blog, depending on interest levels and needs, we may consider setting up a more formal structure to manage  activities in scope.


Need help? Talk to us about your idea, project and resource

If your company is looking for sustainability engagement options - we can help you to review feasibility, and develop potential collaboration and scaling-up options for the longer term.